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Indestructible Dog Toys for Your Aggressive Chewer

By: Efrain Lemus - Published on October 19th, 2019

There’s nothing more entertaining than watching your dog trying to destroy a toy and not being able to.

If you have a dog that tries to destroy everything and anything or if all of your dog’s toys are mangled up after just a few days, check out the durable toys listed here.

I’ll help you find the perfect indestructible dog toy for your aggressive chewer. Quit trying to buy cheap toys that end up in the trash can. You can buy great-quality toys for as low as $10 so there’s no reason to buy poor-quality toys anymore.

And although, there’s no such thing as an indestructible toy (because some dogs can chew through concrete!) there are some toys that’ll give your dog’s destroying abilities a run for their money.

After looking through tons of indestructible dog toys in Amazon with the hopes of finding the best-quality dog toy, basing the quality on factors like toughness, price, amount of reviews and material, I narrowed it down to the five best indestructible dog toys you can buy today.

Top 5 Indestructible Dog Toys

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

KONG Rubber Ball Extreme

Chuckit! Fetch Ball

Chuckit! The Whistler Ball

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

Buy the Chuckit! Ultra Ball =>

The Chuckit! Ultra Ball dog toy is at the top of the list because of all its outstanding features. It’s got a high-bounce, it floats so you don’t have to worry about it going in the water, it’s durable so it’ll last a long time and thanks to its bright colors, it stands out from its environment.

Its made from high-bouncenatural rubber, encouraging your dog to leap high in the air (for jumpers). 

What makes it extra special is that its made with an extra-thick rubber core, making it durable for your heavy chewer dog to play with it aggressively but it’s also light and buoyant to float in the water.

The Chuckit! Ultra Ball doesn’t wear down easily with dirt and slobber and it’s easy to clean. Which is a good thing because its bright orange and blue colors grab the attention of your dog as soon as they see it. The Chuckit! Ultra Ball can be easily spotted in tall grass and in water.

They come in five different sizes, from small to xx-large so dogs of all sizes can play and have a great time without running any risk of swallowing the ball or hurting their jaw from holding onto something too big.

The Chuckit! Ultra Ball is compatible with all the Fits Chuckit! Launchers, making your experience as the owner better because you don’t have to hold a slobbish ball and you can throw the ball farther.

Chuckit! Ultra Ball Amazing Features

Thick Rubber Core

The manufacturers designed this ball with the intent of making it long-lasting and durable. That’s why they made it with a thick rubber interior and strong walls for long playtimes.

Colorful Design

They designed it with bright blue and orange colors with the purpose of making it stand out in any type of environment. The Chuckit! Ultra Ball makes it easy for you to spot in tall grass and water.

High-bounce Design

The high-bounce rubber guarantees a fun time for Firulai (Spanish for Fido) even if you don’t have the Fits Chuckit! Launchers.

Floats in Water

Even with its thick rubber core, the Chuckit! Ultra Ball is lightweight and buoyant so it floats on water. Taking your catch game to the next level.

KONG Rubber Ball Extreme

 Buy the KONG Rubber Ball Extreme =>

The KONG Rubber Ball Extreme is one of the toughest and most durable dog balls. Custom made for strong dogs with even stronger jaws, they build it with robustnatural rubber, giving it a high bounce.

Made in the USA, from materials sourced globally, this dog toy comes in two different sizes. Several reviews said this ball can stand aggressive chewing from strong dogs like Bulldogs and Pit Bulls.

The brand Kong has been around for 40+ years and they have been helping dogs overcome several issues, not just for playtime. 

The KONG Rubber Ball Extreme and other Kong toys can help your dog get through chewingteethingseparation anxietyboredomdigging and barkingweight management, and crate training.

Covered by KONG Satisfaction Guarantee. See KONG Satisfaction Guarantee document here for full details.

KONG Rubber Ball Extreme Features

Made for Power Chewers

The black rubber formula gives it extra resistance and durability.

Great Fetch Toy

It has a high-bounce for your dog to have a great time trying to catch it.

Resistant to Punctures

To keep your dog safe, they make the KONG Rubber Ball Extreme puncture resistant.

Made Especially for Medium to Large Dogs

This toy is especially for dogs between 15 – 65+ lbs.

Chuckit! Fetch Ball

 Buy the Chuckit! Fetch Ball =>

You get a 2 for 1 deal with the Chuckit! Fetch Ball. This is a good option if you have a low budget. It’s made from natural rubber and designed to make catch fun for your dog. Its high-bounce feature encourages dogs to run farther and jump higher when trying to catch it.

This toy is built with natural, high-bounce rubber, giving it the ability to bounce higher and much further than a regular tennis ball. Making it perfect for daily use, which also promotes your dog’s health because it keeps him/her active.

And although I mention that it’s made with heavy-duty rubber, the outside is still soft enough for your dog’s mouth as they carry it around. If I hadn’t mentioned it, it’s ideal for outside use only, not so much inside. Which thanks to its built, it’s easy to clean if covered in dirt and slobber.

It comes in three different sizes, from small to large to fit every type of dog. You get a 2 for 1 so that you can keep one ball in hand while your beloved dog goes after the other one. To make it even better, the Chuckit! Fetch Ball is compatible with a variety of Fits Chuckit! Launchers, to keep your hands free and your shoulders sprain-free.

Biggest Benefits

Stimulates Exercise

The Chuckit! Fetch Ball is so much fun that your dog will want to play all the time.


This natural rubber ball bounces so high that it gives your dog the excitement of catching something in mid-air.

Sturdy Design

The design is perfect for aggressive, long-term use and easy cleaning.

Compatible with Fits Chuckit! Launchers

The Chuckit! Fetch Ball is compatible with Fits Chuckit! Launchers to keep your playtime clean, easier for you and more fun for your pet.

Chuckit! The Whistler Ball

 Buy the Chuckit! The Whistler Ball =>

As you can guess from the name, this ball whistles when it gets thrown and the air passes through the four sound holes that it was designed with.

This makes for a super fun catch for your dog. Just imagine how excited your dog gets from catching a normal ball. So when the ball starts to whistle, your dog can’t help but to follow it and try everything to catch it.

It’s the perfect combination of a high-bounce ball with a third layer of fun that every dog will love.

Biggest Benefits

Whistles Through the Air

If you thought that catching balls in mid-air was enough for your dog then you thought wrong. Add some whistles to it and pump up the fun by 100%.

Stimulates Exercise

Thanks to its design, it’ll bounce really high and for a long time, making it super fun for your dog to catch and play for hours.

High-Bounce Ball

It wouldn’t be on our list if it didn’t bounce high up in the sky, right?

Compatible with Fits Chuckit! Launchers

Why make it hard on your shoulders when you can get a tool to launch the ball even farther? Check out the Fits Chuckit! Launchers.

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc

 Buy the West Paw Zogoflex Zisc =>

The Zogoflex Zisc is a frisbee that flies high up in the air and that’s gentle on your dog’s mouth and your hands. It’s a fun toy to use because it’s easy to throw, made with long-lasting materials and hard to puncture.

Sometimes dogs don’t like to play fetch, that’s where this handy toy comes into play. They make it out of soft plastic, making it lightweight, which means it floats for long distances, keeping your dog engaged in the game.

The Zogoflex Zisc frisbee can resist the common tug-o-wars between you and Firulai (Spanish for Fido) when he doesn’t want to let go of the toy, although he wants you to throw it again (who gets them, right?) It’s made for interactive playing. It comes in two different sizes: 6.5in and 8.5in.

The Zogoflex Zisc frisbee and all toys from Zogoflex are made in the USA. They are safety-verified and come with a guarantee they’ll last. It’s okay if your dog ends up eating because it’s FDA compliant. They’re perfect for outdoor play because they come in different and bright colors that you and your dog can easily spot.

You can help the environment at the same time by following the instructions in the manufacturer’s recycling program, “Stay in the Loop.” The manufacturer, West Paw Design, recycles all Zogoflex.

West Paw Design manufactures high-quality pet products that are made in Bozeman, Montana. They make their best effort to make the best products for your pet while taking care of the environment and their employees as much as possible.

West Paw Design is a B Certified Corporation. They go through a thorough assessment and review process, to which they have been transparentaccountable and envisioned.

B Corporations use their business power to come up with solutions for environmental and social problems, by trying to not be the best in the world, but by trying to be the best for the world.

Biggest Benefits

Flies High Up in the Air

It’s a bit easier to catch than a ball but it’ll still make your dog leap high enough to make it fun for them.

Soft but Durable

It won’t hurt your dog’s mouth or your hands but it’s still made with durable materials to last a long time.

100% Love It Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the West Paw Zogoflex Zisc, West Paw Design makes it right for you.

Recyclable and Dishwasher Compatible

Made from recyclable materials and also to fit in your dishwasher for easy maintenance.

FDA Compliant

Although it’s not meant to be eaten, we know that’s what dogs always end up doing, so it’s okay if your dog eats it.

Dog Toys Features to Consider

There are certain key features you need to consider before buying a toy for your pet.


Dog toys need to be made out of tough and durable materials to withstand heavy chewing from your dog. Here are the materials you need to check that your dog toy is made out of:

  • Rubber
  • Nylon
  • Double-Knit Rope

Toy Type

There are quite a few varieties of toy types you can get like chew toys, discs, tug toys, and balls. There are some that make noises (like the Chuckit! The Whistler Ball) and some that dispense treats like the West Paw Zogoflex Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Toy. Think about what your dog truly needs when selecting a toy.


There’s an indestructible toy in every size possible. Choose one that’s neither too small nor too big for your dog. If it’s too small your dog can choke and if it’s too big it can hurt your dog’s mouth.


Regardless of whether you’re getting an indestructible toy or not, your dog is always going to try and eat whatever you give him. 

Always check that the toys are FDA compliant because that’s a good sign they’re safe and non-toxic.


Check for a guarantee from the manufacturer so that you know the toy is of really good quality. They don’t want to lose money so if they give a guarantee is because their toy means business. It’s a win-win for you. Because you either get a toy for life or a replacement if your dog manages to destroy it.

Buy Them Now!

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But there are also fast little ones like these two Schnauzers. Toby and Bruno had a lot of fun in a short but fun run. Toby is 2 years old and Bruno is 1.

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