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Are Dog Toys Safe for Babies?

By: Efrain Lemus - Published on October 28th, 2019

Check if the dog toy is FDA Approved, materials used, and if it’s stuffed or contains small parts a baby can swallow.

If you’re a dog owner and a parent, you have to quadruple check that your dog toys are safe for babies.

We’re all concerned about the safety of our dogs but also need to be aware of how pets affect the safety of babies around us.

Not only do we have to make sure the dog isn’t aggressive but also that the products being used by the dog are safe for babies if your baby were to get his/her hands on it.

FDA Compliant Dog Toys

First Thing to Check

First and foremost, check if it’s FDA approved. That should be on the top of your list.

Check out the West Paw Zogoflex Zisc that’s FDA approved. You can read the Zogoflex section here in this article about different Indestructible Dog Toys I wrote, to learn more about this dog toy.

Dog Toy Regulation

Who Can Regulate?

Unfortunately, no one regulates the safety of dog toys. If a dog toy is toxic to both humans and babies, no one can stop them from selling it. That’s why it’s our duty as consumers to do the proper research before purchasing a dog toy.

You need to check how the dog toys are made and what the dog toys are stuffed with.

Materials to Watch Out

Here are materials that neither government nor non-government agencies can regulate:

  • Pet accessories (i.e toys, beds, crates)
  • Grooming aids
  • Cat litter
  • Bedding for pet birds and small animals (i.e. rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters)

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) has been known to not give advice on this topic because it cannot regulate what products get sold.

Who Makes Final Decisions

Dog Toy Buyers

We as dog toy buyers, make the final decision on what type of dog toys get manufactured. After all, we’re the ones buying them and companies are not going to manufacture a product that nobody buys.

That’s why we need to do thorough research about a dog toy before buying it. Like what products they are made out of, which tells us if they’re toxic for humans or the environment (FDA Approved).

I understand your biggest concern being that “safe” dog toys are expensive or hard to find but that’s the complete opposite. Check out the Zogoflex Zisc, which is FDA Approved and affordable.

Types of Dog Toys

Dog Toys for Playtime

Dog toys made from hard rubber, from brands like Kong and Nylabone, manufacture several types of dog toys. 

They create dog toys for tugs-of-war and toys with different textures to make it better for chewing. They create things like woven toys coming in the shape of bones.

Tennis balls are fun but they are definitely NOT safe. After they have been chewed up, they shatter into different pieces, providing a choking hazard for your dog and baby.

Dog Toys for Distractions

Dog toys filled with treats or food (like peanut butter) can keep your dog busy for hours. This comes especially handy when you have to leave your dog alone and they get anxious (separation anxiety).

But with a dog toy dispensing tasty treats, they don’t even notice you leaving, and you can have peace of mind that they’ll be fine.

These dog toys that can be filled with treats are known as “busy-box” or “feeder” dog toys. They’re usually large toys made from rubber with a miscellaneous shape (with the intent to make it challenging for the dog).

These types of dog toys are good and healthy for dogs who tend to eat their food too fast because it forces them to take their time and be patient.

Dog Toys for Comfort

With dogs either wanting to carry their toys all the time, you have to watch out for too soft or too rough toys.

For example, if your dog likes carrying around a toy all the time, look for small and soft, so their mouth doesn’t get sore.

If your dog likes to “kill” their toys, choose one a little bigger, preventing accidental swallowing and one that can handle being “killed” over and over again.

Sometimes, the best dog toy can be one of your pieces of clothing like a towel, shirt, pants, shoes or blankets. It’ll help to get your dog become more attached to you, especially if those items have your smell.

Dog Toys Safe for Babies

Also listed in my list of the top recommended Indestructible Dog Toys, the Zogoflex Zisc is FDA Approvedhazard-free and dishwasher friendly. Making it the best toy for your dog, house and baby.

Buy the Zogoflex Zisc Here

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