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What Dog Breeds Bark the Most

By: Efrain Lemus - Published on November 7th, 2019

What dog breeds bark the most, why they do it, and what are your options to help it.

For some dog breeds, barking is life or deathall in or all out. They’re going to bark no matter what the obstacles are.

Whether it’s something that looks like a squirrel or the mailman, your dog is going to make sure the whole neighborhood finds out about it.

Some dog breeds are born to bark at everything that startles them, whilst others keep to themselves and don’t care much. The question is, which dog breeds bark the most and what’s the cause?

Knowing the answer may help you understand your dog better, or if you’re planning on getting a dog, to know which type of dog breed you’re going to like more and which ones you want to stay away from.

Certain Dog Breeds Bark & Run

Why Dogs Bark

Deep inside a dog’s psychology, there’s a reason why they bark. Here are some of the reasons why dogs bark:

  • Scare Off Intruders
  • Ask for Help
  • Announcing Guests
    • Announcing Another Nearby Animal
  • They want to play (and during playtime)

You and I have both experienced frustration from a dog’s unending barking. That constant barking, especially if the dog is close by, can be unnerving and dreadful.

Sometimes when dogs bark out of frustration and boredom (when they want to play), they mix their barking with whining and howling. Giving you a big mess of unbearable loud noises.

Almost like a baby crying in the middle of the night, you would do anything to make it stop. But sometimes it keeps going, going, and going for the whole night.

However, for the most part, dogs are good at adapting to our personal lifestyles. There’s a type of dog for every type of person and family. You have small dogs, that people can carry around. Big dogs for active people (mostly), herding dogs for ranchers and farmers, security dogs that work as a guard or sniffing dogs, and service dogs for people with disabilities.

Loudest Dog Breeds


Since Beagles were bred to chase rabbits, they are naturally loud dogs because while chasing the rabbit, they would let the owner know about it by barking.


How can such a little dog be so loud??? I could never understand this. What I do know is that Chihuahuas are so aggressive and loud because they went untamed for so long.

Since our ancestors didn’t have a use for Chihuahuas, they lived in the wild for too long and didn’t get used to living with humans, and kept their aggressive behavior.


Being descendants of sled dogs and wolves, Pomeranians’ brains are triggered to alert its owner of anything nearby.

Siberian Husky

This breed was bred for pulling. They bark, howl and whine a lot, almost about anything (i.e. nearby objects, people and animals).

Yorkshire Terrier

Being family of the Terriers, these dogs didn’t forget to bring the barking with them.

Quietest Dog Breeds

Although all dog breeds bark, it’s true that some dog breeds don’t bark as much or only when absolutely necessary


These dogs don’t bark much, if at all, but they are known to make yodeling noises to get their point across.


Unlike other hunting dogs, these dogs chase prey quietly and extremely quickly (fastest dog in the world).

If you want one, they’re easy to find, as there’s a lot of orphans from the dog racetracks.

This dog is the perfect option if you like big dogs and don’t want any constant loud barking.

French Bulldog

Their popularity has been on the rise in the last couple of years. They are quietfriendly and cute,  a deadly combination for tenants and parents.


One of the few only North American dog breeds. This dog was bred shortly after the Gold Rush days to be a strong, fast pulling dog.


From certain angles, they look a little like boxers. These are big, strong dogs that because of their size, they tend to draw a lot of attention. Luckily, they are friendly and don’t bark much, which would scare people because of their size.

How to Stop Barking

Since dogs are highly motivated to bark, the best way to prevent barking is by trying to prevent the root cause. Here are a few activities you can do with your dog to prevent barking.

Aerobic Exercises

Keep your dog active throughout the day so they stay tired and don’t have the energy to cause unnecessary chaos.

For example, you can see from the video above, I take Toby the schnauzer on skateboard runs. They’re not long but with a couple a day, he gets all the necessary exercise.

Or from this video below where I’m playing and wrestling with Ollie, a Rottweiler.

Another option is to buy them toys like the snowman KONG toy that I describe in this article.

Mental Challenges

Test your dog’s intelligence. Either put some obstacles that he has to go through to get a toy and if you top it off with a little bit of a physical challenge as well, your dog is going to be happy and fulfilled.

Check for Health Issues

Your dog’s unending barking may be caused by a disease or an injury. Always check your dog’s health and take him/her to the veterinary consistently to prevent anything like this from happening.

Give Them Quality Time

Always try and take your dog with you if you can. If you’re going out for some coffee or a burger. Almost any place now, is dog-friendly. I’ve even taken Berkeley to the movie theatre and nobody said anything.

The only places you need to watch out for are health and beauty establishments, where health regulations are more strict.

Monitor Your Dog 24/7

Watch Him at Home Alone

If you can’t trust your dog at home alone or simply want to check up on him, you can buy tools to monitor him while you’re out, whether it’s work or out with your friends. Check out the Furbo Dog Camera.

This dog camera allows you to throw treats at your dog and has a 2-way audio/speaker. Now you can hear if they’re being loudmaking a mess or doing anything that could bother your neighbors, or bother you when you get home.

And with the Furbo Dog Camera, you can soothe and talk to your dog if they’re getting anxious or too rowdy.

What to Remember from This Article

The most important thing you need to remember is that your dog barks because he’s trying to tell you something. Whether there’s a squirrel, the mailman, an injury, illness or boredom, listen to what they have to say and attend to their needs.

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Furbo Dog Camera: Dog Breeds Barking

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Efrain after taking toby and bruno the standard schnauzers out on a run on the skateboard

Efrain Dogwalker

Being around dogs, whether that is spending time with them at home, walking them, or taking them on a walk on my skateboard.

Big dogs between 2-5 years are the best to go on fast runs.

But there are also fast little ones like these two Schnauzers. Toby and Bruno had a lot of fun in a short but fun run. Toby is 2 years old and Bruno is 1.

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