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Your dogs are in the absolute best care possible

They get loving attention and care from me. I see what their needs are and attend to them. Whether that is playing all day or watching movies.

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Dog Walks

$15 for 15 minute walk

15, 30, 45-minute walks. Depending on your dog's needs and what would be best for their health. Only available during the weekend from 8am - 5pm

Dog Sitting / Overnight Stays

$100/day, +$25/extra pet

Give your dog a day full of adventures rather than just sitting at home watching TV (yes, dogs watch TV now).

Dog Cab


Having a personal taxi comes in handy when you haven't gotten a chance to take your dog to get his/her driver's license.

Give your dog the experience of a lifetime

Our dogs enjoy every second of the day

Mac the pitbull relaxing on the couch
Efrain with Frida the Pitbull in Downtown Denver hero
Phoenix smiling in backyard in littleton colorado
Berkeley sitting by my side at the office in rino
Efrain playing with Poppy the saint bernard in DTC
Berkeley going up electric stairs in 16th street mall downtown denver
Paola miranda with Leo the husky after a fun day
Efrain driving with Mac the pitbull in passenger seat
Berkeley holding stuffed llama in her mouse at home in rino
Couple of weeks old kitten
Berkeley sitting in reclinable chair watching previews in theatre in downtown denver
Efrain skating with Phoenix in Littleton, CO
Berkeley sitting on reclinable chair in theatre in downtown denver
Efrain skating with Leo the husky
Berkeley the rottweiler mix sitting at coworking space couch
Paola playing with poppy the saint bernard
frida kahlo the pitbull drinking from water cup on floor
Berkeley the rottweiler mix with Lucca the maltese
Kevin hugging Leo the husky
Berkeley watching movie in theatre in downtown denver
Efrain after taking toby and bruno the standard schnauzers out on a run on the skateboard
Efrain petting Berkeley while at movies in theatre in downtown denver
Efrain and toby working hard from the home office
Berkeley resting with monkey stuffed animal hero
Leo the husky berkeley the rottweiler mix and mushu paying in the backyard
Leo the husky and berkeley the rottweiler mix posing for photo

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