Frequently Asked Questions | Healthy Dog Walker

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you stay at the owner’s home or on your own?

I stay at your home where the pups feel comfortable. I take my own food and also take Cuba (my pup) with me. All dogs love Cuba, he plays with the playful ones and leaves alone the ones that don’t want to play.

Do you give them medicine if needed?

Yes, I’ve taken care of dogs that need more than 5 different medications. You can leave me instructions on how to give it to them (e.g mixed with food, in a pill, in a liquid, etc.) and I will make sure that their routine does not get disrupted.

Do you take care of old dogs or just young ones?

For as much as I love taking dogs on runs, I know some dogs aren’t as active or are simply older. In those, cases I take them on walks and play with them at their level to avoid any injuries but make sure they still get their exercise.

If all they need is a short walk, that is perfectly fine as well. I just want to make sure their needs are met and I understand some dogs are more delicate than others.

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